The Bulldog
Bulldog Series 120

A military development of the Pup built by Scottish Aviation at Prestwick Airport. Most were made

as two-seaters, although a third ‘observer’s’ seat was an option. Powered by a 200hp Lycoming IO-360-A 1 B6 driving a 6ft 2in diameter Hartzel constant speed two blade prop (HC-C2YK-4F/FC7666A-2). Fuel capacity 32 imperial gallons. Weapons packages included two 28-pound bombs and fourteen unguided 68mm rockets or four 7.62mm machine guns. Guided and heavier missile packs were also available.

These specifications are taken from Con Ser No BH.120/393 supplied to the Hong Kong Royal Auxiliary Air Force, now G-BPCL and the first civilian registered Bulldog G-AXIG.

Dimensions, External
Wing span33ft 2in(10.11m)
Length overall23ft 3in(7.08m)
Height overall8ft 11.5in(2.73m)
Wheel track6ft 8in(2.03m)
Wheelbase4ft 7in(1.40m)
Dimensions, Internal
Max width3ft 9in(1.14m)
Wings, gross129.45ft²(12m²)
Weights and Loadings
Weight empty, equipped1,430lb(649kg)
Max T-O weight2,350lb(1,066kg)
Max wing loading18.20lb/ft²(kg/m²)
Max power loading11.80lb/hp(kg/hp)
Performance (at max T-O weight)
Max level speed at S/L130 kts(176 km/h)
Max diving speed185 kts(250 km/h)
Cruising speed (75% power)125 kts(169 km/h)
Econ cruising speed (60% power)118 kts(159 km/h)
Stalling speed, flaps up53 kts(72 km/h)
Stalling speed, flaps down50 kts(68 km/h)